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I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia with two bachelor's degrees in English and History. I have a life-long passion for reading and art that I indulge in almost daily. Sci-Fi and Fantasy are my go-to genres, with a list of favorites longer than my arm. My hobbies include learning (especially languages and coding), video games, yoga, and exploring the web. Sometimes I play the violin.

Resume and further information can be found on LinkedIn.

About this Project

This website started as a sample coding project for a university class on Writing for the Web. Teawl was originally intended to serve as a beginner's exercize in learning and practicing html/css, as well as gaining experience in owning, building, and maintaining a website. It has since been modified to act as a personal portfolio where I can showcase some of my coding, art, and writing. You can contact me at juliagrochowski3@gmail.com or click any of the links below my profile picture on the right. Ask me about my commission info and pricing!

Check out some of my progress here and by visiting the archives!

Why "Teawl"?

/tēl/ n.

  1. A personal website and amature portfolio owned by Julia Grochowski
  2. A combination of Tea + Owl
  3. Pronounced "teal"

Simply put, "teawl" is a portmanteau of a few of my favorite things - tea and owls - and is pronounced the same way as one of my favorite colors - teal.

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20-something female
Website owner and creator
Currently working in non-profit

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